June 1999 Meeting

Our very first meeting kicked off fabulously! Charles and Carmen were most gracious hosts for Appetizer night. In attendance were Andrea, Carrie, Christi, Mo and Neal. Everyone brought an appetizer, but Christi's goat cheese tarts won hands down.

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July 1999 Meeting

Mediterranean night took place at Andrea's. The group was small but the food was good. Neal's flavorful stew was a big hit and everyone enjoyed Mo's stuffed grape leaves.

August 1999 Meeting

Our taste buds were alive at Italian night. Hosted by Carrie, we had an overwhelming attendance. Neal even brought desserts and grappa from a recent trip to Italy.

September 1999 Meeting

September's meeting found us at Brian's house for Indian night. Exotic spices and scents filled the room as we all sampled various dishes. the sweet dessert brought by Carmen was welcome after Mo's crazy hot curry.

October 1999 Meeting

Octoberfest at Mo's was a spectacular German experience. Charles' potato pancakes were gone in a matter of seconds. The potatoes and meatballs by Neal were not to be missed.

November 1999 Meeting

November's "Thai Me Up, Thai Me Down" meeting was held at Diana's lovely apartment. Amy's pumpkin soup and Andrea's fish wrapped in banana leaves were among the favorites.

December 1999 Meeting

Our last meeting of the year (millennium?) was a wonderful holiday party enjoyed by all. The white elephant gift exchange was a big hit along with all the festive foods laid out on Amy's table.

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