January 2001 Meeting

Our January meeting of Portuguese fare was hosted by Amy. Despite a couscous mishap, we enjoyed many lovely treats including various soups and stews. The pork tenderloin though was a real show stopper.

February Meeting

Aloha! Diana hosted a festive Hawaiian night for our February meeting. It goes without saying that Charles's "spam-a-sushi" was the tastiest treat of all.

March Meeting

Our March meeting was hosted by our newest member, Erin Hagan. Not only did we all enjoy delicious British specialties such as bangers and mash, rarebit, and trifle, but we also gained another new member, Rob.

October Meeting

After a long summer hiatus, the club reconvened at Andrea's for appetizer night. Our many new and returning memebers brought fabulous appetizers and fresh ideas to the club.

November Meeting

Marilu hosted Indian night in her lovely home for our November meeting. Everyone's dishes were quite tasty, but Carrie's vegetarian curry was not to be missed.

December Meeting

Vietnamese night at Carrie's new apartment was a big hit. Not only did we get to eat some tasty shrimp made by Carmen and some wonderful vegetarian curry done by Erin, but we also welcomed Shauna as our newest member.

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