January 2003 Meeting

Our first meeting of 2003 was at Brian's. During our Georgian feast of beet salads, cheese pastries and more, we welcomed 5 new members; Keren, Erica, Dave, Michael and Rosheen.

February Meeting

With so many special guests, our February meeting was certainly a full house at Carmen and Charles'. From dumplings that we all had a hand in to traditional New Year's cake, it was a Chinese feast to remember.

March Meeting

For our March meeting we savored the luck of the Irish at Yurah's. It was an intimate gathering with plenty of potato based dishes (even in the cake). Of course there was corned beef and cabbage as well.

May Meeting

After a short hiatus, we were back for a steamy night of Cuban food at Dave's. We enjoyed lots of fried foods and meat, but nothing was as refreshing as Erin's avocado and pineapple salad. We danced that night away with Dave leading the way.

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June Meeting

A lovely June meeting was held in Michael and Rosheen's backyard. We enjoyed an Austrian spread that included savory boiled beef, cauliflower with a pea sauce and linzer torte. The weather was warm, the food tasty and the special silverware a nice touch.

August Meeting

Greek night took place at Erin's, who provided authentic ouzo for all to drink. We dined on traditional cheeses, olives, spanikopita and mousaka. We were even treated to two fabulous desserts thanks to Rachel and Rosheen.

September Meeting

We enjoyed a tasty night of tapas at Andrea's for the September meeting. We sampled fabulous mushroom empanadas and rich shredded chicken (to name just a few) while listening to Spanish music and meeting some new guests.

October Meeting

For our first ever demonstration meeting, Gastronomical was proud to welcome Chef Ian Farrell and his assistant, Kelly Givner. Ian showed us how to make art out of chocolate. In the fabulous test kitchen at Rachel's work, we learned about tempering, truffles, sugar baskets and more. Everyone's savory chocolate dishes were a welcome break before devouring the grand finale - a piano shaped opera cake and a molten chocolate cake.

November Meeting

One of our largest meetings to date, Lemon Night at Brian's was a zesty success. From lemon drops to lemon rice pudding, our taste buds were alive with citrusy flavor. Erin's avgolemono soup was a big hit and was enjoyed by our two newest members, Justine and Ruben.

December Meeting

Our final meeting of 2003 found us at Yurah's place for a feast of holiday treats. Not only did we enjoy a variety of tasty holiday dishes, we were also delighted by the clever culinary white elephant gifts we received.

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