Andrea Barton-Elson
Andrea is one of the co-founders of the Gastronomical club. With a flair for cooking and a knack for building websites, she is also the website designer.
Carmen Solla
Carmen is the other co-founder of the Gastronomical club. Her health conscious cooking is always a favorite at meetings.
Dave Herrera
With a love of all things Latin, Dave inspires us all with his creative cooking.
Erica Yao
Although she studies ancient Chinese art for a living, Erica still manages to find time to create some fantastic dishes.
Erin Marietta
Erin brings a wealth of vegetarian cooking knowledge to the group. She continually shows us how creative non-meat dishes can be a part of international cuisine.
Keren Arkin
Bio coming son.
Michael Golden
An outdoorsman at heart, Michael has been know to whip up a 5 star meal in the middle of the wilderness.
Rachel Zimmerman
Rachel is currently our only member with any formal cooking training. She has also been known to kiss banana slugs but has never actually eaten one.
Rosheen Golden
Rosheen's love of healthy and natural ingredients shines through in her cooking.
Yurah Kang
With a love cookbooks, Yurah provides a lot of technical know-how and a wide range of cooking techniques.
Previous Members

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