Amy Bruno
Amy is well known for making delicious soups. She may have a really small oven, but she still knows how to cook up a storm.
Asa Moss
Asa joined Gastronomical to improve his cooking skills. Or perhaps to impress Diana with his domestic talents.
Brian Miller
Brian's deck is a special spot for Gastronomical meetings during the summer. Brian himself is a wealth of cooking tidbits and epicurean know-how.
Brian Frank
Brian always wanted to be a professional chef, but applied to the wrong CIA. We all look forward to him at least sharing some of his cooking secrets with us.
Carrie Tacla
Carrie brings a love for the finer things in life to the Gastronomical club. Meetings held at her abode always promise to be nothing short of magnificent.
Charles Solla
Charles is the Spam king of the gastronomical club. With his Asian cooking heritage, spushi is always a possibility.
Christi Cheves
New to the world of cooking, Christi made a big splash at our very first meeting with her award winning goat cheese tartlets.
Danny Ronen
With an incredible fondness for meat, Danny Ronen brings a plethora of cooking techniques to the club. His use of spices and marinades make him a grilling master.
Derek Schwarzbach
Recruited by Amy, Derek will bring yet another food lover to our monthly meetings.
Diana Keeley
Diana is always a good source for the best supermarkets in the Bay Area. Her ingredients are nothing short of the finest.
Erin Hagan
After participating in Hawaiian night, Erin decide to join in on the Gastronomical fun. Her refined tastes are a refreshing addition to the club.
Jennifer Frugaletti
Jenn is also new to gourmet cooking, but she is always willing to try new things and surprises all with tasty delights.
Kate Swanson
Kate is so serious about cooking, she wants to quit her job and become a chef. Fortunately for the rest of us, she doesn't mind whipping up a gourmet dish in her free time.
Marilu Ramos
Under the guidance of her sister, Carmen, Marilu is shaping up to be a culinary wiz.
Mohamad Choukeir
Mo's background is in Middle Eastern cooking, but his ability shows no limits when it comes to delving into and type of cuisine.
Neal Orenstein
Neal is our travel expert bringing back delicacies from Europe to round out our Italian night. His appreciation for foreign cuisine makes him an avid participant in the club.
Rob Grillmeyer
Rob originally learned how to cook to impress girls. Now he will have the opportunity to impress all of us with his culinary talents.
Shauna McAllister
Hailing from Belgium, Shauna has a broad range of experiences to call upon. She always delights us with inventive interpretations of the chosen cuisine.
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