January 2004 Meeting

We jumped right in to 2004 with a Southern feast at Keren's. Everything was really good and the meal was very well-rounded. Some highlights were bbq ribs, collard greens and peach puff cobbler. Down home cooking at its finest.

February Meeting

A quaint Afghan evening was hosted by Rosheen for our February meeting. We enjoyed a meal of potatoes, pumpkin, lamb stew and baklava while chatting and sipping wine.

March Meeting

For our March meeting we enjoyed Breton crepes of all kinds. We made the crepes and fillings at Andrea's and enjoyed the fruits of our labors. From sautéed mushrooms to flambéed bananas it was all tres bon!

April Meeting

Hot pot night was truly a group meal. Hosted by Erin with guidance and the actual "hot pot" by Michael and Rosheen, we dipped and slurped to our heart's content.

May Meeting

Our May meeting was held at Erica's cool new pad. We also welcomed two new members, Lily and Dan. The theme was a collection of Mexican recipes from Bon Appetit. From hibiscus margaritas to ceviche, everyone contributed to a tasty meal.

August Meeting

We lit up Yurah's gas grill for our August meeting of grilled foods. We snacked on flatbread and enjoyed beef with goat cheese and raspberries. We even enjoyed some grilled fruit desserts and s'mores, of course.

October Meeting

Lily and Dan hosted a lovely Fall Harvest celebration in their sukkah. We dined on gazpacho, pear napoleons, chicken, cous cous and many more autumnal delights as we learned about the traditions of Sukkot.

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