The Gastronomical Club is a cooking club devised by Carmen Figueroa and Andrea Barton-Elson. It is a monthly meeting of friends who get together for gourmet meals. These are people who love to cook and meet people other people with the same culinary interests.

This is how it works. On the first Thursday of every month, one person (or couple) in the club hosts the dinner and provides the setting (dishes, drinks, table, etc.). We draw the theme out of a hat at the previous meeting (Indonesian food, Mexican, etc.) as well as the type of dish (appetizer, main, side or dessert) each member brings. It is then up to the guests to be as creative as possible within the theme. Guests arrive at the host's with food and recipes and a gourmet meal is had by all. Occasionally we will do a night of instructional cooking (like sushi) at a member's house with a large kitchen.

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